Sunday, January 10, 2016

A New Year and a New Book...Or Two

It's been months since I wrote a blog post. My excuse is that I've been focusing on fiction writing instead of blog writing. But I have finally finished the book I have been working on for a year. The End of the Rainbow went to my beta readers early this month. When they're done with it, I will send it to my editor and we will see what happens.

The End of the Rainbow begins where Call Down the Moon left off and features Megan, the heroine's best friend in that story. Or does it?  I call these books "reincarnation romances", which means names change and souls and spirits move back and forth in time.

In addition to being a reincarnation story,The End of the Rainbow is a time travel story. The hero is a Viking metalsmith from the 10th century, and he looks very much like the man/god in the image above. When he is separated from his "soulmate" in that era, he travels to contemporary Los Angeles to be reunited with her. You can imagine a Viking warrior in modern L.A., can't you?  He'd fit right in.

In this time, Kylan's love, known as Maeve in the past, is now Morgan, a young women who has moved to L.A. to take a job as an events planner. Morgan meets our hero, Kylan, at a medieval festival, where she and her boss have come to find resources for the extravagant medieval-themed wedding they're planning.

Kylan and Morgan, star-crossed lovers, reunited in the future and given a second chance. But it isn't as easy as that. Morgan has no memory of her life with Kylan. Not to mention someone else has also traveled from the past, bringing treachery and danger with them. They seek the sword that enabled the hero to travel to this time, the Sword of Destiny.

The Sword of Destiny has a long and complex history and is connected to two other series I've partially written. Because the sword is so important, I've decided to change the name of this series from the Soulmate series to The Sword of Destiny series. In a perfect world, I would have plotted out these books ahead of time and known what to call the series long ago. But my writing brain doesn't work that way. In fact, I was over halfway through Rainbow before I knew what would happen at the end. Yes, there's a happy ending, but there are also a lot of questions left. Which means there will eventually be another book.

In the meantime, I'm rewriting a medieval romance that was published fifteen years ago. It's a book that nearly ended my career and caused me to quit writing altogether. But now the story has a second chance. This time I'm going to the tell the tale of Lady of Valmar the way I first envisioned the story.   

Look for The End of the Rainbow to be available sometime later this year.