Monday, June 24, 2019

Medieval Monday: Villains and Bad Guys

I am excited to be part of a group of ten authors who share their stories on a blog hop called Medieval Monday. The theme for the next eleven weeks is “Bad Guys and Villains”, so there will be lots of action and drama. Each Monday we will post snippets of a scene from each other's books. Hop to the next blog to read the next lines. Comment each week to be eligible for a free autographed print copy of Lady of Steel or an e-book.

My first snippet from Lady of Steel takes place as the hero, Fawkes de Cressy, returns to claim Mordeaux Castle and free Nicola from her horrible, abusive husband.

“God’s teeth! Look at that!” Reynard called. 
Alarm prickled along Fawkes’s spine as he saw knights pouring out through the castle’s portcullis. He slowed his mount and motioned for the men behind him to do the same.
“Jesu,” he breathed. “Have they been warned? Did they know we were coming?”
“It would seem so,” Reynard responded. “The information we had when we were in London was that Mortimer never leaves Valmar. And yet, that is surely him.”

To be continued next week on Barb Bettis's blog:

One rapturous hour sparks unforgettable passion between Lady Nicola and Fawkes de Cressy. The memory of their time together enable Fawkes to survive the perils of the Crusades and gives Nicola the hope and strength to endure a brutal marriage. But when Fawkes returns three years later, he finds Nicola enmeshed in a dark web of castle intrigue. Fawkes has also been altered by the hardships and cruelties of war, and Nicola fears to trust him with her secrets or her heart.

Surrounded by enemies, the battle-hardened knight and aloof, wary woman must rebuild the bond between them. Only if they dare to let the soul-stirring magic their bodies share grow into love, can they escape the sinister plot that threatens to destroy them both.