Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stirling Castle

Although I've seen the exteriors of many castles in my travels (Tower of London, Conwy Castle and Cardiff Castle), I've never toured of the inside of one. Stirling Castle was perfect for a castle newbie, being not too large and overwhelming but still full of history. And we picked the right time, too, late in the day in late September, with only a handful of tourists around.
   A delightful living history presenter (shown here with my daughter) told us all sorts of fascinating stories about the castle and the royal household of James V (she was playing the role of his sister).
In addition to the sumptuous interiors (look at all the purple!), I especially enjoyed the recreated atmosphere of the castle kitchen...
the gardens...
and the stunning views from the castle walls
To make the trip perfect, we spent the night in another castle, the delightful Broomhall Castle, a tiny castle that has been converted to a hotel/restaurant. Lovely.


  1. Hello Mary!
    Nice pictures: your daughter really looks like you :) Keep those posts coming; I'll always read, even if it's days later.

  2. Awesome photos, Mary! I loved visiting the wonderful Stirling Castle.