Sunday, July 14, 2019


This week's Medieval Monday snippet is from author Rue Allyn novel Knight Errant, the 1st book in her Knight Chronicles series. In this scene Lady Juliana is waiting for her escort, Sir Robert to return from finding news of their enemy Fra Basti--a highly influential priest known as Il Mano de Dei (The Hand of God). 

     “Excellent.” Basti took the letters. “Wait for us outside.”
     The man backed out into the hallway. “Your Beguine robes have undergone a change?” Basti lifted a delicately arched brow. 
     He was small in stature, but he was perfectly proportioned. She had heard that his face had been used as the model for any number of angelic frescoes. After his appointment to Rome, ’twas how he had come to the pope’s attention.

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Set during the early days of the Inquisition, Sir Robert Clarwyn must find a way to compel Lady Juliana Verault to return to England, or he’ll lose any chance of regaining his family lands and redeeming his heritage. Yet Juliana must
complete her mission to ensure a safe future for her gender in the church. With danger and intrigue mounting, Robert and Juliana must rely on each other and risk
everything … including their hearts.

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  1. Interesting snippet, Rue. Looking forward to reading more. Happy Medieval Monday!

  2. Mary G. Thank you for the opportunity to share Knight Errant with your followers.

  3. Fascinating glimpse of the characters, Rue. I'll be very glad to read more--the Inquisition was such a terrible and unbelievable part of 'real' history!

  4. The plot certainly thickens! Best wishes, Rue!