Monday, September 2, 2019


Here it is, the final snippet of my "Villains and Bad Guys" excerpt for Medieval Monday and your last chance to comment to win an ebook copy of LADY OF STEEL:

     “She was never a slut, you bastard!” Fawkes pressed his advantage, feeling his hatred grow fiercer and more consuming. "You sent me to her! You used her like a piece of livestock!”
     Mortimer lost his balance and fell. Fawkes loomed over him, panting in rage. “Whatever she’s done, you’ll never defame or degrade her again.” With a savage thrust he drove his sword into Mortimer’s neck.
     Mortimer’s blue eyes bore a look of surprise as the wound spouted blood. Watching the red liquid flow out, Fawkes was reminded of other deaths, so many deaths. He felt vaguely queasy. He leaned over and cleaned the blade of his sword on the grass. Behind him he could hear his soldiers cheering. He had waited for this moment for so long,but now that it was here, it didn’t seem real.
     Someone clapped him on back. Reynard spoke, “It’s over, Fawkes. You’ve done it. Now all that is left is to claim everything that was Mortimer’s. First, Mordeaux, then Valmar and your new wife. How does it feel, my friend? You’re a wealthy man now. A real lord. Mordeaux appears prosperous, and Valmar was always a rich demesne. You’ll have to pay some sort of fine to the king, I’m guessing. That is, if Richard ever makes it back to England.”
     Fawkes pulled off his helm and looked down at his blood-spattered hands. “I need
to wash. There must be a well in the castle.” He started off.

To read the rest of Fawkes and Nicola's story:

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