Friday, July 29, 2016

Dolwyddelan Castle

Dolwyddelan (pronounced doll-ooey-thellann) is a true Welsh castle, in that it was built by the Welsh, rather than by Edward I or some other Englishman for the purpose of oppressing the Welsh. It is reputed to have been built in the early 13th century by the greatest Welsh prince of them all, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth (known as Llywelyn the Great) who came the closest to uniting the Welsh (or the Cymry, as they like to be called) as was possible in the Middle Ages.

Llywelyn the Great was born at Tomen Castell, a fortress on a hill an arrowshot or two away from Dolwyddelan.
Although it was added onto twice, bringing the tower to the current height of 40 feet, Dolwyddelan is not large for a castle. Its modest size makes it seem more like a place people could actually live than a lot of castles. 
  What's most impressive about it are the views.

The setting.
And the magical sense of the past come to life.

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