Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Living on he Edge of Britain

In the next on my journey back in time I am transported to the late Neolithic era as I visit the Holyhead Mountain hut circles. The scenery is spectacular:  craggy moss-covered cliffs, meadows full of wildflowers, a heather-clad mountain, and on clear days, a glimpse of Ireland across the shimmering blue sea.

Holyhead Mountain is situated on the edge of Britain, with only the Irish Sea and Ireland between this point and the vast expanse of the Atlantic. Neolithic people settled within view of this mountain over 2,500 years ago, building the their round huts on the plain above the sea. They likely chose the location because the sea provided a year-round food source. 
The remains of nearly fifty dwellings dot the flower-strewn plain. They would have had conical roofs, and turf or thatch walls supported by poles. There's something very imoving about these ancient dwellings with doorways and hearths still visible.

Walking among the bluebells and foxglove, you can almost feel the presence of these ancient people who chose this place for their home so long ago.

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  1. What wonderful pictures! Dare I hope you're planning a book set in this part of Wales when the doorways and hearths were part of full homes?