Monday, August 12, 2019


This week's snippet is from Ruth Casie's exciting Scottish romance, The Highlander's English Woman

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      Jamie didn’t care for bullies or being baited by them. He wouldn’t fight.
      “Here, here Bryce. That’s enough.” Richard grabbed his neighbor’s arm but Bryce shook him off. Reeve pulled Richard back.
      “Enjoy the spectacle. It’s time he learned his place,” Reeve said.
      “Stay out of this,” Bryce screamed at Richard, then turned to Jamie. “Fight, or are you a puny coward, too?”
      Jamie said nothing. He held his fists at his side and stepped back again.
      The fight started in the yard, progressed to the field, and finished near the pond. A small group of people followed and urged Jamie to defend himself. The next punch caught the Scotsman in the chest. He didn’t flinch.
      “You should be lying on the ground by now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Jamie pulled up his arms to protect his face as best he could against the onslaught of punches. He didn’t retaliate. 
      His face cut and bloodied, he still didn’t strike back. 
      “Fight, damn you,” Bryce shouted and followed with a quick barrage of solid body punches.
      He held his position and didn’t fight back.

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Laura Reynolds is in love with her long-time friend, Jamie Maxwell Collins. She adores his playful sense of humor, caring nature as well as his strong sense of family and honor.

Jamie lives across the border in Scotland. Outwardly carefree, he hides a dark secret. He can’t involve Laura in this deception. He can’t give her hope for a future together.

Laura stumbles upon Jamie’s secret. In her heart of hearts she knows Jamie is innocent. Their relationship in tatters and with no hope of reconciliation, she plays a deadly game to exonerate Jamie, she agrees to a political marriage. She has no idea the entire game has been orchestrated by her future husband, Jamie’s greatest enemy.

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  1. Fantastic snippet, Ruth! Intriguing and I can hardly wait to read what Jamie will do. Happy Medieval Monday!

  2. Oh my! Gutsy guy! Great snippet, Ruth.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting my snippet. I love this story!