Monday, August 5, 2019

This Medieval Monday the Heroine Is Welsh!

This week's Villains and Bad Guys snippet features my favorite kind of heroine, a Welsh princess!  Cathy McRae's The Highlander's Welsh Bride, sounds wonderfully exciting. Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook (kindle)!

A Welsh princess on the run from King Edward’s army, Carys finds herself embroiled with pirates pillaging the western coastline of Scotland. She has escaped their clutches twice before. Has her luck at last run out? 

A sailor dragged a long, deep chest across the deck. He unlocked it, opened the lid and dispensed weapons to the crew. Hanna slipped from the aftcastle to the deck, joining Carys at the chest. Birk ground his teeth as the startled sailor glanced up, seeking permission to arm the two women. Without waiting for his sanction, his mother and wife slipped daggers as long as their forearms into sheaths at their sides. Hanna plucked a short sword from the chest. Carys also selected a short sword and grabbed a bow and quiver of arrows from a passing soldier. Brody handed the weapons to her without fuss. He knew Carys could fight. He’d learned of her skills firsthand that day in the forest, and again when she’d bested his laird in the yard at Dairborrodal.

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It was over. Prince Llywelyn was dead, his soldiers fleeing before King Edward’s army. Carys, a distant cousin to the prince, herself a princess of Wales, had picked up arms alongside her husband more than a year ago. Now homeless, her husband buried beneath the good Welsh soil, she seeks shelter in the north, far from the reach of Longshanks’s men. Carys and Wales would never be the same again.

Birk MacLean has been ordered to take a bride and produce an heir. He grows weary of the lasses paraded before him, women of delicate nature and selfish motives. He desires a wife strong enough to help lead one of the most powerful clans in Western Scotland.One like the Welsh woman sitting in his dungeon, arrested for poaching MacLean deer. Can Birk convince Carys marriage to him is preferable to a hangman’s noose? And will the hard-headed Scot be worthy of a Princess of Wales?

From the towering Welsh mountains to the storm-swept Scottish coast comes a tale of betrayal and loss, deceit and passion. An epic tale of honor and the redeeming power of love.

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  1. The book is actually mostly set in Scotland. There was a lot of contact between the two countries going back hundreds of years to the dark ages.

  2. Fascinating snippet, Cathy! Happy Medieval Monday!

  3. YAAY for Carys. She can definitely hold her own ;) Looking forward to what comes next!!

  4. Yes, Carys is definitely a warrior woman. So enjoy heroines who can hold their own with men.